Discover the Longbow and Traditional Archery

Our traditional longbow and archery days will give you, your friends and colleagues a chance to discover the enjoyment and satisfaction of shooting historic traditional longbows.

Our instructors will also give you the chance to shoot a variety of “bare” bows – traditional bows without sights or arrow rests – just you, a long bent stick with a string on it, and a shorter pointy one!

Beginning with target archery, you’ll learn the techniques for shooting a longbow safely and accurately, using authentic medeival arrows. From here you’ll progress to a field shoot – aiming at targets in woodland, across rolling fields, over hedges and walls and even off cliffs if the venue is right! Finally, you’ll get your chance to provide your own hail of arrows with some distance or “clout” shooting, with targets at up to 180 metres away and with bows up to 75lbs in draw weight – not for the faint-hearted!

We have a variety of bows for you to use, including flat and pyramid bows, horse-bows and of course the English longbow. Our instructors will help you to find the right bow and draw-weight for you to be comfortable and effective.

If you are looking for a medieval event day with a difference – contact us:

Corporate Archery Events - English Longbow shooting days.