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Warbow Ipe Ash Laminate with Mary Rose Sidenocks 75lb at 32 inch draw

For those of a stronger disposition (and armstrength!) we have an English Warbow!

This beast is a completely different proposition from the standard Longbows we use, requiring twice the strength to draw (draw-weight 75lb at a draw length of 32″), this is one for the big boys (and girls of course) who fancy pitting their strength against one of the most formiddable weapons history has seen!

Not completely authentic, we decided to have this made using modern laminate techniques as selfbows (bows made from one piece of wood), and especially those made out of Yew, are not the most reliable and have been known to dynamically deconstruct themselves ( – in other words, they explode into firewood!). We decided to go for safety rather than pure historical accuracy. However, it is one of only a handful of working warbows which have been crafted with sidenocks in the manner of the Mary Rose Longbows. Even the recreated bows at the museum have had the more modern Victorian pattern nocks fitted.

Laminated copy of a Mary Rose sidenocked warbow

Sidenock with noose string

English Warbow Draw and Weight