Medieval Weaponry Days!

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We’re looking into the possibility of creating a unique corporate event – the Medieval Weaponry Day!

We’re working with some close associates to create a phenomenal day covering everything from Black Powder Rifle Shooting, Falconry and Birds of Prey, Axe Throwing, Crossbow Shooting and of course the legendary English Longbow!

We anticipate catering these events with authentic food (where possible!) including such delicacies as nettle tea, hearty soups and real hog roasts!

It’ll be a short while before we’re up and running with this one, but if you’re interested in experiencing some medieval madness, get in touch with us!

Can arrows pierce armour?

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The issue of whether arrows can pierce armour has long been debated, and as always, there’s lots of correct answers, but even more correct questions!

Longbows, Barebows and Traditional Archery

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Longbows, horsebows and traditional barebows have a huge history and following among archers across the world – we hope to encourage more archers to build on this legacy.

We work with companies, individuals and activity centres on recreational and team-building events to supply archery days which go far beyond what people expect in terms of variety, interest and enjoyment.

Though our events have a historical basis, our work is based very much with modern safety expectations in mind – all of our instructors have excellent bow skills and a knowledge of both their subject and coaching skills which are second to none.

From education to competition, we work to the highest standards, but all we care about is that everyone leaves one of our events with a smile on their face. We rely on people enjoying the events – it’s the only way we can keep the best job in the world!