Archery Event Hire

Posted in Hire Us by Beyond

Yep – we’re hired bows – so if you’ve got a site or an event planned and want to be able to offer your guests the chance to play with some serious weaponry, just let us know.

We’re based between Lancashire and Cumbria most of the time, but work regularly in Scotland and the Midlands. We’re happy to visit any venue in the UK, so drop us an email letting us know where you are and we’ll be able to give you a quote for our services.

Providing a full service including targets, nets, weaponry and more arrows than you could shake a pointy (feathered) stick at, we can ensure that your event runs smoothly and professionally. The one thing we can guarantee is that your clients, friends or employees will go home with a huge grin on their faces, memories of a fantastic day and depending upon budget, a medieval arrow or two!